What is it?

A bunch of Joeys from the Fediverse helping each other take their security knowledge to the next level.

Anyone can be a Joey. No need to be an elite haxor. This is meant to learn, no matter the skill level.

What happens?

Studying computer security through various challenges, such as:

What to bring?

  • A desire to learn and help others.
  • A virtual machine to work in that has tools pre-installed is recommended, e.g. Kali Linux, ParrotOS, Blackarch, CommandoVM, etc.
  • If you need help installing setting up your virtual environment, configuring tools, or anything at all, let the chat know and we’ll help.

How to participate?

Join us on Matrix in room #TheJoeys:matrix.org.

If you need a Matrix client, https://riot.im is a popular one.